This is what happens when you put onions in your socks

putting onions in you socks

Onions are one of the most used ingredients in the kitchen. They contain vital nutrients such as vitamin C, copper, potassium, etc. in addition to their use in the kitchen; it is beneficial to the body in various ways. For instance, it boosts hair growth, is known to curb earache, relieves bruises when pressed directly to the affected area, and also it is a good remedy for acne.

Placing an onion in your socks can help the body heal internally. According to research linked to Chinese foot reflexology practice, the nerves of body organs are linked to the feet, and therefore, putting onions in your socks can help the body in many ways

Studies have shown that onions contain sulfur which has antibacterial properties that can benefit the body when the right proportions are used. However, no scientific evidence is linked to any benefits of using onions in your socks.

According to ancient medicine, the soles of the feet have a nerve ending called meridian which when stimulated acts as an electric circuit that connects to the rest of the body. Using onions In your socks can eliminate bacteria and toxins through the meridians.

onions in your socks

How to Use Onion in Your Socks When Sleeping

  • Take an onion and ensure it is organic to avoid the side effects of pesticides and fungal infections. Cut it into flat and tiny slices
  • Put the slices of onion under your foot and put on your socks. Go to sleep as usual

Benefits of using onions in your socks

  • It provides antibacterial and antiviral properties which may help eliminate diseases. It also helps in boosting the immune system which will help in the prevention of infections
  • When an onion is cut it releases phosphoric acid which is released when a cut onion comes into direct contact with the body. The acid released will enter the body through the semi-permeable membrane then finds get into the veins and will help in the purification of blood by eliminating toxins from the body. It also boosts the blood circulation
  • May improve the symptoms of colds and flu when sleeping. Onions contain sulfur compounds which help in expelling mucus from the airway and this will help to ease the symptoms
  • Onions have quercetin or an antioxidant compound that makes vitamins E. Using onion in your sock may improve the body’s defense by providing antioxidants

The human body has a complex nervous system and there are plenty of nerves and veins intertwined in the human body. Also, there are tiny nerves ending at the bottom of the feet which are connected to the internal organs.

Therefore keeping a slice of onion under the feet is believed to help purify the blood flowing in these veins and it is also believed to absorb toxins.

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