Pre-workout Natural Boost – #1 Natural Brain Boost & Focus Supplement


Pre-workout Natural Boost

  • BETTER, SMARTER BCAA POWDER – Genius BCAA is a versatile, all-natural pre-workout and post-workout recovery drink. InstAMINOS fermented BCAAs offer a vegan pre-workout option for those who seek a smarter, healthier amino acids supplement.
  • MUSCLE RECOVERY AND MENTAL CLARITY – This BCAA powder has you covered with proper doses of vegan branched-chain amino acids, L-Tyrosine, and L-Citrulline Malate, Taurine, Cognizant Citicoline, and more. Reduce stress, boost focus, and optimize your body with BCAA energy, essential amino acids, and clinically studied nootropics.
  • THE GENIUS BCAA SOURCE FOR MEN AND WOMEN – Many BCAA supplements derive their amino acids from duck feathers and even human hair. We source our Genius BCAAs amino acids from the best (InstAMINOS) that are made through fermentation.
  • PRE, INTRA OR POST WORKOUT – Genius BCAA is an anytime, anywhere, one-stop energy powder that serves easily as a pre-workout powder, intra workout energy drink, or post-workout recovery aid. Thanks to carefully selected supporting ingredients, our product can help support lean muscle growth, cognitive function, and stress management.
  • STACK FOR FASTER FAT LOSS AND LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH – Genius Brand products are flexible and even better when used together. Genius BCAA pairs up perfectly with Genius Burn to support lean muscle building and healthy weight loss. Combine them and watch your hard efforts return quick results!
  • During the summer months products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations, when provided.


pre-workout natural boost

Pre-workout Natural Boost is not like most BCAAs on the market that are loaded with fake sugars like sucralose and underdosed on key ingredients. They flavor your water but fail at the most important goal: Supporting your best self.

Why is Genius BCAA different?

Ours is a multifunctional amino acid supplement intended to drive real results that you can see and feel. Faster muscle recovery, better long-term memory, and sustained focus and energy. Have you ever been in the zone?

It’s a state of mind associated with heightened performance, wellbeing, focus, and human virtuosity. Athletes, artists, business professionals, and musicians will talk about “getting in the zone” in their personal ways. If you’ve ever experienced it, you know firsthand that these are the moments that allow us to exceed the limitations we believe ourselves to have.

Genius BCAA can be used as a post, intra, or pre-workout natural boost women and men both can benefit from, but it was really made to help you reach your best self, consistently. It’s a natural brain enhancer that offers ingredients for continual concentration and premium muscle recovery. It’s a natural amino energy drink that provides an alternative to coffee and artificial energy shots.

Accomplishing your goals, whether fitness-related or not, is key to self-satisfaction and achieving your full potential. Everyone has a little Genius in them to unlock, let us support you in that purpose.

You only get one body. Put the best quality in. Make the most of life.

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