7 Effective Ways to Prevent Thyroid Disease Problems

thyroid disease

Thyroid disease may not be completely prevented in a particular step but your lifestyle choices can significantly improve the chances, or accelerate the condition if already present. As undiagnosed thyroid disorders can lead to other medical complications, and you must be aware of your family history regarding the disease and look out for possible symptoms.

However, there are ways to keep the disease in check.

Be Wary of X-Rays that may cause thyroid disease problems

thyroid disease problems

The thyroid gland is susceptible to radiation. People who have had numerous x-rays done on them are likely to develop thyroid cancer as compared to those who haven’t.

As X-rays are sometimes inevitable, you must protect yourself from harmful radiation. Before you undergo an X-ray that involves your head, chest, or spine, ask for a thyroid collar. This collar is heavy and lined and serves to protect your thyroid gland from harmful radiations. The thyroid gland is the most vulnerable part of your head region; radiation exposure can have serious repercussions.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is harmful to general health. Those with a predisposition for thyroid disease have higher chances of getting the disease when they smoke. Smoke components such as nicotine and thiocyanate can lead to increased iodine excretion that interferes with thyroid performance.

Smoking also influences thyroid hormone levels by affecting the enzyme that converts the active form of the hormone to an inactive form. Smoking can also potentially increase the risk of hypothyroidism.

Perform Thyroid Neck Checks

thyroid disease problem

Periodically performing a thyroid neck check helps in the early detection of the thyroid disease. This test can detect swellings, lumps, and bumps on the thyroid. However, not all bumps can be felt, and you have to rely on other symptoms.

Take a glass of water and a mirror to self-screen. If you see anything out of the ordinary, ensure that you see a doctor.

Be Keen on Blood Work

Before undergoing any diagnosis, the most common sign is the thyroid antibodies that are prevalent in Hashimoto’s. If you have a family history of the disease, you must take tests of the thyroid disease. You should be monitored annually to keep the disease in control by nipping the antibodies early enough. You can take thyroid tests at Labwork365.com and have your results as in little as two days to know if there are any risks.

Antibodies can be eliminated by removing food allergies, taking selenium supplements, and reducing inflammation. However, ensure that you periodically take the tests as a safety measure.

Avoid Fluoridated water

Fluoridated drinking water increases the risk of developing hypothyroidism. It is recommended that you avoid fluoridated water and discuss it with your doctor if you live in areas with such water to prevent health issues.

Avoid Excessive Endurance Exercises

thyroid disease from exercise endurance

Endurances exercises set your cortisol levels on a high hence inhibiting the conversion of the less active thyroid hormone to the metabolically potent hormone. This raises the hormone responsible for blocking the thyroid hormone from getting into your cell. The result is belly fat, decreased metabolically active muscle, and increased appetite.

To prevent this, always ensure that you keep your cardio workouts to a minimum while intensifying on-circuit training workouts.

Look out for Perchlorates

Perchlorates are found in every part of America. They are odorless and colorless salts that easily dissolve in water. These salts are manufactured for rocket motors, explosives, and fireworks and often make their way into water supplies.

High levels of this salt can reduce your thyroid hormone levels by preventing the thyroid from taking up iodine, which is essential in thyroid hormone production. Ensure that you test your water for perchlorates before contamination.

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