Is Drinking Green Tea Healthier Than Water?

Green Tea Healthier than water

Is green Tea Healthier than water? Gone are the days when people used to consume beverages for their taste and ability to quench their thirst. In the recent past, there has been the introduction of a healthier way of quenching your thirst. Green tea has been introduced containing additives that have been over the years used to improve the health of an individual.

Everyone is longing to keep fit and have a healthy body but very few are willing to work out. For this reason, green tea has come in handy to achieve all the benefits you can get from working out from the normal taking of your tea. Green tea makes you have fewer food cravings and at the same time gives you so much energy.

Every medical practitioner, nutritionist, or weight loss coach will recommend that you drink water regularly due to the fact that it is essential for the functionality of the body as well as having a hand in weight loss.

Green Tea Healthier than water

While water is essentially replacing the fluid, tea replaces fluids but it as well contains antioxidants so it’s got two things going for it. What makes green tea healthier than water? it’s because of the fact green tea is not just a comforting and pleasant beverage, but it also contains remarkable healing properties, and often green tea has been referred to as a ‘wonder drink’.

Drinking three or more cups of tea each day is as good as taking plenty of water but tea has many benefits unlike taking water. UK nutritionists found out that tea does not only rehydrate like water but also protects against heart diseases and other cancers.
One doctor named Dr. Ruxton said, “Drinking green tea healthier than water.” Taking four cups of healthy green tea can cut drastically the chances of having a heart attack.

Why is Green Tea Healthier Than Water?

Green Tea Healthier than water

Other benefits that can be derived from the consumption of green tea are protection against tooth decay and tooth plaque and it also helps in bone strengthening this is through its content, fluoride. According to experts, green tea contains flavonoids which are the key ingredients of green tea that promote health. In addition to the presence of flavonoids, green tea also contains guarana which was used by Indians during great famines in order to reduce the hunger sensation and also restore the energy and vitality needed in such times.

Guarana found in green tea also helps greatly in sharpening memory through its antioxidants. It improves intellectual performance. It increases concentration thus making it a perfect beverage for students, sportsmen, and any other person who has a need to remain alert and energized. Guarana also reduces the effect of stress. In increasing blood circulation, guarana is effective in both preventing and slowing down the progression of different diseases.

Green Tea Healthier than water

Since tea contains caffeine, it has over the years been perceived that it is dehydrating but according to nutritionist Claire Williamson, this is just a myth. If you had a robust cup of green tea, you would still have a net gain of fluid. Basically, taking a cup of green tea helps the body in a great way unlike just taking water.

Having covered the above ways in which green tea healthier than water, I would encourage you to grab a sample of green tea today. It’s so much affordable yet with priceless benefits that you wouldn’t get from taking water.

So, is drinking green tea healthier than water? The answer is Yes based on the above benefits.

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