4 Useful HealthTips for Becoming a Dad in 2023

Tips for becoming a dad

Becoming a dad and having healthy children is one of the biggest dreams of most men. While t may seem easy to have kids, it takes more than what meets the eye. The first step towards conceiving is to ensure that both the man and the woman are in optimal health. Being in the know about your reproductive health is the first step taken towards the preparation for becoming a new dad and getting a family that you long to have someday. Research shows that of all infertility cases, 50% are attributed to men’s fertility issues.

When looking to start a family, don’t be scared f becoming a dad, instead, it is important to ensure that you seek ways that enhance the production of healthy sperm.

How can I know if I have healthy sperm development in pursuit of becoming a dad?

If you have unsuccessfully tried to conceive, it is high time that you look out for what could be affecting you. Quest diagnostics semen analysis is one of the most effective ways to know the health of your sperm. You could be producing lots of semen but there is a very low sperm count. Once you get the results of the semen analysis, you lookout for a way to improve your productive health. Below are some of the most helpful tips that help in the preparation for becoming a dad.

1. Always ensure that you take well-balanced foods

Tips for becoming a dad

Just like with women, men must maintain a well-balanced diet when they are trying to conceive. Try to avoid unhealthy foods such as processed foods and eat foods that contain the necessary nutrients. Eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in antioxidants that improve the quality of sperm. we are what we eat and therefore, in preparation for becoming a dad, you need to be very cautious about what you eat.

2. Ensure that any of your chronic health condition is kept under control and if need be, go for a check-up.

Managing chronic conditions, like high blood pressure, may improve a man’s fertility especially if you are seeking healthy ways of becoming a dad. However, some medications used to treat these conditions may have a negative influence on fertility, and it is, therefore, important to speak to your doctor about medication to know if it can interfere with fertility.

Tips for becoming a dad

In addition, it is recommended that you see a doctor when trying to conceive. Your doctor can carry out a semen analysis procedure to determine the state of your sperm. Your doctor may also give you some tips for getting pregnant according to your situation. This analysis is also fundamental to men who have infertility issues, and your doctor could recommend possible treatments.

Alternatively, you can get a semen analysis test online that is just as effective only that it could save you more time and money.

3. Always maintain healthy body weight by regularly exercising

If a man is overweight, it is likely to take longer to conceive. This is because excess weight affects a man’s sperm quality, reduces sperm count, and decreases the sperm’s ability to swim. Obese men are likely to lack viable sperm compared with average-weight men. This makes it harder for them to become fathers.  Too much weight also affects testosterone levels and other reproductive hormones hence decreasing the chances of fertilization.

Healthy weight loss can be realized by taking regular exercises. Also, regular exercise reduces stress and improves general body health. However, you must be cautious in your workouts. For instance, avoid intense exercising as it can significantly reduce infertility. Also, riding a bike for long durations of time has been linked to erectile dysfunction, and it is, therefore, essential to keep any sort of exercise in moderation

4. Avoid too much alcohol and smoking

Tips for becoming a dad

Smoking has been proven to reduce sperm quality. Smokers are likely to have low sperm count and decreased sperm movement and abnormally shaped sperm.  Alcohol and drugs cause the same problems, and in some cases, illegal drugs can lead to congenital disabilities. It is wise to stay away from these substances when trying to conceive.


By implementing the above 4 tips, you can be assured that it’s a good start to becoming a dad. Learn more about parenting and men’s health in our respective categories.

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