What Are The 3 Most Popular Types Of Homemade Dog Toys?

Homemade Dog Toys

Homemade dog toys are important because, just like small children, dogs love to play and toys are not luxuries to them but a necessity. They are important in ensuring that your dog is healthy. In addition to health, toys help in fighting boredom and provide comfort especially when the dog is left alone at home. There are certain problem behaviors that a dog can develop especially when it is idle and toys help in ensuring that the dog does not develop this behavior.

Unlike cats who are quite picky with the toys they play around with, dogs are easy and can play with almost any object so long as they can get their paws on them. It is therefore important to monitor your dog during playtime to avoid a result of any form of unscheduled activities. There are several types of dog toys and below are some of the several types of homemade dog toys that you can easily make in minutes

The Active Homemade Dog Toys.

Homemade Dog Toys

These products often come in many shapes and sizes. They are fun to play around with, chew as well as carry around. If you have dogs that like games revolving around tug-of-war or chewing interesting textures, there are many active toys that you can get. These usually come in the form of woven toys that are bone-shaped with the ends knotted.

In addition to the woven toys, the tennis ball is another example of active homemade dog toys. They are basically fetching toys and some dogs may try to bite the ball. In such a case, it is recommended that you replace the chewed ball as it may result in your dog choking.

Distraction Homemade Dog Toys.

Homemade Dog Toys

If your dog experiences unfulfilled treats, these types of homemade Dog toys to keep them busy for a long time. For instance, if your veterinarian recommends peanut butter for your dog, you can add it to the crushed-up treats for a tastier treat that will at the same time keep your pet engaged for a while.

Feeder toys are usually large rubber shapes that can be filled with dog treats. Basically, the dog moves the cube around using its nose, paws, or even mouth. This way, the dog is busy and distracted.

Comfort Homemade Toys For Dogs.

These toys are advantageous in several ways. However, there are not appropriate for all dogs. Below are some of the tips that you should use when selecting the best comfort toy for your dog.

  • There are dogs that would want to shake their toys, in such a case, it is important to choose a toy that is large enough to prevent any accidental swallowing. It should also be sturdy enough to withstand any attacks from your dog.
  • If you have a dog that likes carrying around soft toys, you should go for a DIY dog toy that is small enough.

You can also use old clothing on the dogs as they are very comforting more so if they smell like you.

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